Discover our concept

Discover our concept


«French for all, all for the French», is the rallying cry of these crazy musketeers! Hélène and Marion however do have their heads on the shoulders as they have decided to take up a challenge by creating their own business.

The project is born from the double analysis of a lack of versatile accommodation for children as there may be in France and a request for FLE (French as foreign language) course and more school support.

The aim is to offer a range of fun and exciting French courses, cultural and creative workshops and holiday weeks, memorable birthday parties. The concept is developed to enable both children and adults to learn French in the best and most effective way…through “play”!

Providing an infinite number of workshops for children 0 to 12 (cooking, theater, visual arts, music, painting, …), the Mousquetaires are constantly creating and developing an ever evolving range of classes and combining with a willingness and flexibility to adapt to the various stages and needs of the children or individual child.

The “Mousquetaires’ studio” offers a space full of life, convenient for parents (in the Fench neighborhood of Oslo, central near Solli plass) and welcoming for the children, an inspirational “home from home”. If children come to have fun, the workshops are however conceived for their well-being and constructive development.

At “les Mousquetaires”, it is important to us that the children actually get the chance to make something. They will always leave with what they have created during the workshop (for example, a dessert during the cooking workshop, painting, various gifts). We also offer children the opportunity to perform in different creative disciplines such as theater, musicals, films.

Classes are an important part of the teaching style of les Mousquetaires, but for us, the opportunity “to live the language” also comes through the appropriation of the culture. Classes are thus complementary and offer participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language through the senses (French cooking workshop, “Tour de France” to discover the richness of the French terroir, …). Children and adult classes have been put together to associate the practice of Fernch with multidisciplinary activities.


To sum up, Les Mousquetaires provide :

  • creative workshops for children 0/12 years old (during the week, during week-ends and during holidays)
  • constructive workshop where the children always bring home whatever they have created
  • French classes (FLE) for children and adults where you are given the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and live in the language
  • Tutoring , homework help and test preparation
  • Partnerships and events with other French companies because for us to live in a language requires well SHARING, and OPENINGING to others
  • A warm and alive place, almost like a second home!