Who are we?

Who are les Mousquetaires?
LN et Marion

The company Les Mousquetaires is managed and run by two young women, passionate of languages. After several years of teaching and common discussions on various teaching methods, the two founders have decided to create a place dedicated to learning French in a more funny way and by offering news methods in a dynamic, original and friendly environment.


Marion Tanguy, is 28 years old and – we must admit – is more Breton than French! She graduated with a master in Political Sciences and a Master in bilingual journalism and left her native Britany 5 years ago to move to Oslo and teach in the French lycée in Oslo before throwing herself heart and soul in the “Mousquetaires project”.


Distinctive features: Marion swears in Breton, she can cycle while sleeping and she can read all of the Alexandre Dumas books in the less than 3 hours and 12 minutes


Hélène du Parc, 28 is a delightful combination of Mayenne cheese and Guérande salt ! She graduated with a Master in French as a foreign language, and landed in Oslo 5 years ago to follow a giant viking. She taught in both French and Norwegian environment before deciding to start her own business.

Distinctive features : Hélène is convinced she can sing, loves making up new expressions and is a fan of backgammon.

The two Mousquetaires have in common the sense of education, sense of responsibility and security (both graduates of the “førstehjelp på barn”), a lot of imagination and multiple passions they wish to transmit through the workshops! The workshops have all been designed with this in mind: to associate the practice of French to multidisciplinary activities!