Our workshops and holiday club

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The philosophy


Our experience in a French-Norwegian schooling environment has shown us that it’s during the first years of life that learning a language is spontaneous and effortless. Between 3 and 8 years old, the child acquires 80% of its intellectual capacity, which explains the efficacy of early language learning.


In a total immersion environment, young children are able to mimic, record, and recreate the sounds of the new language. Games and fun are the basis of the learning process. This playful line is the core idea of Les Mousquetaires.


Les Mousquetaires are welcoming, first of all the French speaking children, the French-Norwegian children from the region of Oslo but also every child interested in learning a language at a young age. We offer a new opportunity to play, to learn and to make new friends, in French but without notebook or homework! Les Mousquetaires want to recreate a French universe in Oslo where parents and children can feel like in France for a couple of hours.


It is a real unique chance for the “little Mousquetaires” to be in touch with different cultures so young! It will be an incredible asset in their personal, intellectual and social development.

Benefits of early learning of French at les Mousquetaires through activities and courses :

• learn and practice French and culture effortlessly and with pleasure

• wisely occupy leisure time

• make new friends

• develop motor skills, imagination and children’s knowledge

• to come home with the creations they did during the workshop



How do the workshops work?


Depending on the age of children, teaching methods vary. But creative activities and games (rhymes and songs, theater, games, manual arts, science, cooking) are the founding pillars of the teaching method of the two musketeers. The sessions last an hour and a half or three hours and are held only in French.


The activities are conducted in small groups of children who are the same age. A small group promotes the exchange, confidence building and the spontaneous participation of children.

We offer thematic activities for immersion in an environment where they will discover learn and grow while having fun.


Participants regularly leave with their own creation (​​objects that they created, paintings, movies) and so that parents can monitor the activities, the children will offer performances (shows, open houses, snacks, etc.)

For dates and times, see ” planning”