Ferieklubb august 2024

Week 32 (Monday 5 August – 9 August)
Welcome to Lucky Luke (discovering North America)

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in North America with our friend Lucky Luke. Children will go in search of the Daltons under the orders of the sheriff, build their own tepee, learn to shoot faster than their shadow and become real cowboys!

Register before 22 July. E-mail registration: lesmousquetairesoslo@gmail.com

Week 33 (Monday 12 August – 16 August)

Welcome to the past

There’s nothing like putting yourself in the shoes of a navigator, an emperor, an engineer or an astronaut. Come and test your ability to change personality every day and discover the great figures of the past who changed the world. Get ready to grow up, little mousq’!

Register before 29 July. E-mail registration: lesmousquetairesoslo@gmail.com

Week 34 (Monday 19 August – Thursday 22 August)

Welcome to Ancient Rome

Welcome to the Romans! This week, get ready to write on a wax tablet, play with menhirs, create your magical druid poDon and fight like a Roman during Roman festivals.

Register before August 5. E-mail registration: lesmousquetairesoslo@gmail.com