Our workshops and holiday internships

"The Musketeers" are all-French workshops for children aged 3 to 12, after school, on weekends and during school holidays.

Our experience in a Franco-Norwegian school environment has shown us that it is in early childhood that language learning is done spontaneously and effortlessly.  Between the ages of 3 and 8, the child acquires 80% of his intellectual abilities, which explains the effectiveness of early language learning.

In a context of total immersion, young children are able to imitate, record and recreate the sounds of the new language. Play and fun are the driving force behind their learning. It is in this playful lineage that "the Musketeers" are part of which have no educational vocation!

"The Musketeers" are also aimed at children who are already bilingual. Immersed in Norwegian culture, we offer them the opportunity to play, learn and create friendships … in French, without notebooks or duties.

How lucky are our little musketeers to be confronted with two different cultures from an early age! This will be an additional asset in their personal, intellectual and social development.

Benefits of early learning and practice of French through our workshops:

Learning and practicing French and its culture effortlessly and with pleasure

– intelligently occupying their leisure time

Make new friendships

Develop children's motor skills, imagination and knowledge


How the workshops run

Depending on the age of the children, the teaching methods vary. But creative activities and games (rhymes and songs, theatre, games, manual arts, science, cooking) are the founding pillars of the pedagogy of the two musketeers. The sessions last an hour and a half or three hours and take place only in French.

Activities are done in small groups of the same age. A small group promotes the exchange, confidence and spontaneous participation of children.

We offer themed activities for an immersion in an environment where they will discover, learn and grow while having fun.

Participants regularly leave with their own creations (objects made, paintings, films) and so that parents can follow the evolution of activities, the children will offer performances (shows, open days, snacks, etc.).

For workshop schedules and dates see "planning"