Our birthdays!

"The Musketeers" invite your children to celebrate their birthday!


Depending on your children's desires, we organize and fully support the themed birthday snack for the little ones and/or the birthday party, BOOMS for the older ones in our Musketeers' room, Drammensveien 83. No need to organize everything at home or tidy up after the tornado!

We guarantee:

  • two hours of animation including manual activity and games depending on the theme chosen
  • a gift for the child who is celebrating his birthday
  • a small gift for each guest
  • all the children leave with a creation
  • we send you the pictures of the anniversary
  • Decoration
  • plates, glasses, towels and straws and balloons

You just have to take care of the cake, candles, drinks and sweets! A room is available in our room for parents who wish to stay!

Birthday booms of your teens also possible in our local!

Contact us to see our availability. because we have a lot of requests! 

Price: 2500 kr for 10 children (including yours) for 2 hours of entertainment and 100kr per additional child

If you want to celebrate the birthday of two children at the same time, we ask for 3000kr for 10 children and 100 kr per additional child.

If you want to celebrate the birthday of three children at the same time, we ask for 3500 kr for 10 children and 100kr per additional child

For home birthdays, contact us for a quote.

To book a birthday, you must email us at:

  • lesmousquetairesoslo@gmail.com and pay a 2500kr (non-refundable) down payment. The second invoice is sent after the birthday.