FLE courses for children

Our experience in a Franco-Norwegian school environment has shown us that it is in early childhood that language learning is done spontaneously and effortlessly.  Between the ages of 3 and 8, the child acquires 80% of his intellectual abilities, which explains the effectiveness of early language learning.

In a context of total immersion, young children are able to imitate, record and recreate the sounds of the new language. Play and fun are the driving force behind their learning. It is in this playful lineage that the "Fle courses of the Musketeers" are part of the For 45 minutes or an hour, in a group or alone, your child will discover and appropriate the French language through fun activities. In short, "learning while having fun!"

PRICE: Our courses are to be paid for registration for 8 sessions

private lessons 45 minutes FLE at the local Drammensveien 83 – 2800kr for 8 sessions

private lessons 1h FLE at Drammensveien 83 – 3600 kr for 8 sessions

private lessons 1 hour FLE at home – 4400 kr for 8 sessions

45-minute group FLE course (Thursday 5pm or Saturday 11.15am) – 1850 kr for 8 sessions